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Settlement Services offers job search services and provides support and guidance to help you move towards your employment goals.

It is important to learn what Canadian employers look for and what training you may need in order to meet your employment goals.

Our settlement counsellors can help you understand how and where to look for job opportunities and help you learn about effective resume & cover letter writing techniques, networking and interviewing skills.

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Please provide some information that we can use to help you get started with your job search. One of our settlement counsellors will be in touch with you over email to communicate further.

All of the information that you provide is sent over a secure connection and will never be used for any purpose other than this particular task.

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Do you already have a resume put together? If so, upload it and send it over to us to review.

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Fill out as much as you can to help our Settlement counsellors get to know you better. There are no right or wrong answers, so just try your best.

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