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5 Typical Interview Questions

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Question 1

Tip: Avoid personal information and take this as an opportunity to showcase your skills, training, work experience and convince them why you are a great candidate for that specific job.

Question 2

Tip: The employer is looking to see if you would be of value to the organization. Use information you have gathered on the company or position and convince them how your skill fit what they need.

Question 3

Tip: Highlight your accomplishments and pick your unique strengths that are key to the job. The weakness question: an employer is seeking what areas you see as an opportunity for improvement. Identify something that will not set off red flags but rather can be turned into a positive.

Question 4

Tip: walk through the situation step by step providing the interviewer with even the obvious steps you may take. In a situational question you will want to give a detailed explanation that will help them understand if you could appropriately handle the situation in reality.

Question 5

Tip: Behavioral questions are a great way for interviewers to gather accurate information on your performance. Use specific example, preferably from work/volunteer experience. Provide a detailed description of the situation, what actions you took and what was the end result.

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