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Oxford County has a growing support system for newcomers seeking a home, employment and a new community. For newcomers to the area wishing to start a business, Oxford County welcomes you. Your first and most important resource is Community Employment Services Woodstock (CES). CES offers settlement services to help you learn about and feel comfortable in your new community. Specialized language training classes are available at Blossom Park Adult Education Centre in Woodstock and the Livingston Centre in Tillsonburg.

As well CES offers employment counselling to help you assess your skills and experience and determine the best career path for you. This may include self-employment. The CES counsellors are your first point of entry to entrepreneurship exploration and business advisory supports in Woodstock and the surrounding area. Reach out to Community Employment Services Woodstock (CES) for more information on settlement services and self-employment.

Whether you are a newcomer living in Oxford County or considering a business immigration you will find the following guide from Canada Business Ontario very useful in planning your business launch: Business Guide for Newcomers to Canada.

The Canadian Bankers Association provides information on the Canadian Banking system for newcomers. This useful site includes everything from how to open an account, to investing, to starting a business – the Canadian way! For more information see Banking for Newcomers.

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